Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority In Melbourne
  • What is a Migration Agent?

A Registered Migration Agent is someone who has completed a course in Migration Law and Practice and who's registered with MARA. Registered Migration Agents:

  • Offer recommendation on immigration topics.
  • Encourage and help you to prepare and resort your Visa Application.
  • Assist you all through the procedure of acquiring a visa emigrate to Australia or to remain in Australia.

Appeal on your behalf for a assessment with the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) in instances where your application changed into unsuccessful within the first example.
Migration Agents running in Australia have to be registered with the office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

OECC has an experienced registered migration agent and we're based totally in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Why use a Registered Migration Agent?

OECC’s Registered Migration Agent let you with your software due to the fact:

  • Have a solid knowledge and statistics on Migration Law and Practices.
  • Understand that managing migration issues may be extraordinarily worrying, perplexing and time-consuming and we goal to offer you with simple recommendation on the first-rate migration consequences in your man or woman occasions.
  • Have many years of revel in and have helped many humans effectively migrate to Australia.
  • Comply with Registered Migration Agents Code of Conduct.
  • Are covered by Public Liability Insurance.
  • Have exceeded the Character Test (together with Criminal History Checks via the Australian Federal Police).

It’s endorsed to use Registered Migration Agents, because unregistered people appearing as migration sellers might also:

  • Be uninformed of the immigration strategies and are not acquainted with the Migration Act or Migration Regulations.
  • Make fake ensures approximately your possibilities of development.
  • Give you incorrect or wrong advice.
  • How to select the right Immigration agent in Melbourne and Australia

First, you have to make sure that you are coping with a Registered Migration Agent in Australia (or out of Australia).You can try this via asking to see their certificates of registration (which has their picture on it) or with the aid of checking the Register of marketers on the MARA website on-line.

The Registered Migration Agent in our company has a migration sellers registration number of 0959122

The MARA website also incorporates the records about the dealers whose registration is cancelled or suspended through MARA and licensed records about immigration agent/s who're not registered.

In Australia there are strict policies in case you want to assist a person with their visa software or to provide recommendation about migration. Migration Agents in Australia ought to be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

  • Engaging a Migration Agent

Before you engage a migration agent, ask for a statement or agreement of offerings. You should carefully examine and recognize the entire contract before signing it. If you don’t recognize some thing, ask for explanation.

When choosing registered migration agent, you have to ask about their experience, testimonials, options (selections) and expenses (costs).

In summary, all and sundry who wants to migrate to Australia should have the ideal visa, and therefore should select a suitable registered migration agent that will assist them.

Migration guidelines, procedures, approaches&needs exchange frequently, a Registered Migration Agent can be of exquisite benefit to you by way of presenting you steering and help along with your visa, leading to a successful migration to Australia.


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