Frequently asked questions

Why Study Abroad?

There are numerous reasons which you need to know before planning to study abroad. Firstly, the students will get quality education and it will be helpful to them to get highest paid job with no matter of time.  Secondly, the multicultural environment is another reason which encourages the international students to study in a peaceful environment. Thirdly, the mode of teaching is based on practical pillars. This means that 80% of the education will be stand on survey’s and demo classes which encourage the students to learn in a safe and friendly environment.

Where in the world should I study?

There are heaps of options available for the international students to get their desired degrees from any part of the world. This includes Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Europe. Almost every student visa application process is similar among the mentioned nations. Australian education system welcomes those international students who are interested to study and gain potential high salary income at their end of respective desired course. Canada, USA and New Zealand also follow the same pattern.

How do I get started?

Once you have made up your mind to study abroad, all you need to do is start hunting for the course which is completely relevant t o your previous studies. Initially, you can get the help of the internet and start surfing the officials websites of the top universities. You will get each and every information you requires. If still you find it is hard to look up the specific things then you can visit the registered immigration consultant because they got direct tie-ups with the universities and colleges and also they have qualified staff to assess your case and put you in a right place at a right time.

How long do study abroad programs take?

Every country offers numerous amounts of courses with their durability. In case of diploma programs it takes a year to year and a half to get the certificate. On another hand bachelors in almost all the countries takes 3 years to complete. And talking about the masters then if t is a course work then 1.5 years to 2 years and if it is research work then may take up to 5 years. The testing system for student is very easy as they just have to complete their assignments and submit it to their respective faculty and rely on that they get different grades.

When I can start applying for study abroad programs?

Every country deals in variants of intakes and this left hefty amount of options for the international students.  In general there are three major intakes i.e. January-May-September and this pattern are followed by all the major countries.  But in Australia the scenario is slightly different, there every two months the new intakes starts; this facility provides leverage to the international students and they can get admissions as per their convenient.

What are the entry requirements for study abroad programs?

Overall the major countries require their potential students to match the GTE criteria. This means Genuine Temporary Entrant.  Through this process the universities requires the student to visit to their respective countries with the intention of study only. As a reward they offer permission to the international students to work as a part time for 40 hrs per fortnight. (Fortnight= 15 days of the month or 2 weeks in a month). Apart from that for the bachelor or master programs the student must score 60% in their respective studies overall and in best four also.

What documentation should I submit with my application?

In order documents leave tremendous impact on the positive result of an application. The visa officer is looking after the clean and non-blur scanned notarized documents to process the application further in an easy manner. For Australia: - passport scanned and notarized copy with all relevant financials needs to be uploaded on the online portal. For Canada application forms need to be filled and along with passport all financial documents need to be submitted. For all the countries SOP plays an important role so make sure it is done with appropriate order to satisfy the visa officer.

Do I have to speak a second language to study abroad?

In most of the parts of the world English is very common language people speaks and express their feelings with. It is mandatory that a person must be aware of the in and out’s of the language. To test the skills of English language all the major nations accept IELTS (International English language Testing System) this testing system is very streamline and contains four major parts such as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Will I need to attend an admissions interview?

Not in general but yes we can’t denied the fact that there is a possibility of interview while getting the admissions. Most of the people have made interview process superstitious but on the reality ground it is very easy process. The propaganda of taking interview is to get the real inner thought of the student regards to their selective course. The respective admission officer starts taking interview with the brief introduction and further more keep asking the relevant questions such as:- why selecting this course, what are your future aspects and so on.

After getting letter of acceptance, what do I do next?

if you have successfully got the offer letter from our respective institutes, the next thing comes to the availability of the funds. There are numerous types of funds you can show to the admission officer to satisfy their admissions requirements. These funds includes: - FDR, Bank statement from the last three months, Gold loan or bank loan. Also some of the universities conduct Skype or telephonic interview. Once the interview is clear and your funds get verified by the universities then they ask the student to deposit their required fee and get the privilege to get eCOE into their respective account.